Sourdough Wheat Pancakes



This recipe is the one Kenneth Wadman (Loraine’s husband) uses. Loraine and Bevy Anne are Reta’s daughters.


WARNING: Never use a metal bowl or leave a metal spoon in batter.

Note:  I use a tablespoon and teaspoon; not measuring spoons.


Five (5) heaping tablespoons of whole wheat flour.

Two (2) heaping tablespoons of sourdough starter.

Add evaporated milk or water and mix well until semi thin.

Let stand; uncovered, overnight.




Add two (2) eggs.

One (1) teaspoon rounded of sugar

One half (1/2) rounded teaspoon of baking soda.

One quarter (1/4) teaspoon of salt.

Two (2) level teaspoons of oil.

Mix well and thin with water if needed.

Makes around eight (8) six inch pancakes.


Replenish starter when needed:

One cup of white flour

One cup of evaporated milk.

Note: You may use water or milk – skim, 2%, or whole.


Mix well and let stand uncovered overnight.

And then refrigerate until needed.

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